Common nuisance animals
- Critters -
in the state of Florida.
Names and descriptions of critters below,
will help you identify these pests.
The raccoon is a destructive critter for a home owner. They nest in your attic and use it as their outhouse.
The squirrel is a critter that is fast and erosive. Finding food and shelter leads many of them to your attic or crawl space. Destructive to home and garden.
Bats are nice critters for a farm or large country homes.  For small and zero lot line homes, the bat becomes a nuisance to all. 
The rat is a critter that causes health concerns. The critters bring in other smaller insects. The damage to wooden structures, fiberglass insulation and wiring insulation leaves a house  in destruction. 
                                         Dead Animals
Opossums or Possums, either way you want to say their name, they are a critter that just knows how to get into trouble. Burrowing, digging, garage can dumping, garden destroying, attic bulldozer, they do it all.
Armadillos live in temperate and warm habitats, including rain forests, grasslands, and semi-deserts.
ACS always suggest that if you don't know what your doing with any snake, leave it alone and let a professional trapper come to your home to remove the creature.
All garden's need
pollinators, and  bee's and wasp are very good at bringing flowers to life. When you walk out of your home and are attack by them, Call ACS.
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